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The 8th PPCS meeting program

Date : 2013. 9. 26-27
Place : BEXCO(Busan Exhibition & Convention Center)

Pre-meeting program (2013. 9. 26)
Place : Nurimaru APEC house
<Tentative Program>
Time Subject Chairperson Presenter
18:30-18:35 Welcome remarks   Kyu-Sung Lee
18:35-20:30 Dinner    

Main-program 1st day (2013. 9. 27)
Place: Room 321~326, Exhibition Center 2(3F), BEXCO
<Tentative Program>
Time Subject Chairperson Presenter
08:00-08:30 Registration
08:30-08:40 Opening remarks Kyu-Sung Lee
Symposium I: Female voiding dysfunction Satoru Takahashi
Shih-Tsung Huang
08:40-08:50     ● Pathophysiology Hikaru Tomoe
08:50-09:00     ● Diagnosis Yaoguang Zhang
09:00-09:10     ● Treatment Wei-Chia Lee
09:10-09:20     Q & A
09:20-09:40 State-of-the-art lecture I
Reconstruction for Storage Function in
Neurogenic Bladder: Possibilities and Limitations
Sang Won Han Limin Liao
09:40-10:00 Break (General poster and booth visit)
10:00-11:30 Podium session Kexin Xu
Hayoung Kim
11:30-11:45 State-of-the-art lecture II
The role of IPSS voiding to storage subscore
ratio (IPSS-V/S) in LUTS
Masayuki Takeda Chun-Hou Liao
11:45-12:15 State-of-the-art lecture III
Nanoplatform technology using functional block
copolymers for drug development
Yong Gil Na Kyung Taek Oh
12:15-13:30 Lunch
Symposium II: Treatment of IC/PBS Jeong Zoo Lee,
Jane-Dar Lee
13:30-13:45     ● Optimized medical therapy Chih-Chieh LIn
13:45-14:00     ● Cystoscopic finding & Hydrodistention Aya Niimi
14:00-14:15     ● Intravesical instillation therapy Jae Hyun Bae
14:15-14:30     ● Surgical management & treatment of ulcer Young Ho Kim
14:30-14:40     Q & A
14:40-15:00 State-of-the-art lecture IV
Personal Practice of Female  Pelvic Floor Medicine Chao-Hsiang Chang Osamu Nishizawa
15:00-15:20 Break (General poster and booth visit)
15:20-16:50 Moderated poster session Hirotaka Asakura Jeong Gu Lee
16:50-17:10 Sponsor lecture by Pfizer Momokazu Gotoh Yong Tae Kim
17:10-17:20 Welcome message from the Chairman of the 9th PPCS Meeting in 2014
17:20-17:30 Closing Remarks Kyu-Sung Lee