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Haeundae Beach

It is 1.6 kilometers in length, the longest oval beach in Korea, around which there are tourist attractions, such as Dongbaek Island, Haeundae hot spot, Dalmaji Hill, hotels and recreational facilities, accessible from anywhere in Busan. A variety of event and contest programs are held every year, such as Swimming and Beach Volley Ball, Beach Walking Contest, International Film Festival and International Advertisement Festival etc.
Gwangalli Beach

Located at Gwangan 2-dong, Suyeong-gu, Busan, there are 300 high-end restaurants, cafes, raw fish market, and water-front park around the beach. Gwangan Bridge, at the offing of beach, displays colorful scene of LED illuminations, and a huge number of people (over 1million people) are clustered around the Bridge to enjoy Fireworks Festival.
Nurimaru at Dongbaek Island

Dongbaek(Camellia) Island, protruded from the western end of Haeundae Beach, is well known for mermaid statue of 2.5 meters long, bronze statue of Haeun Choi Chiwon (Great scholar of the late Silla Dynasty), camellia flowers, and Nurimau where the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation was held.
Busan Aquarium

It is the country's largest aquarium equipped with the latest facilities for aquatic creatures, where you can experience everything about underwater ecosystem. There are 440 theme aquaria displaying 250 species and 35,000 aquatic creatures.
Yachting Center (Marina) at Suyeong Bay

There are an unobstructed ocean view, beautiful scenery, open square, monuments, and romantic atmosphere for yachting. Wall and fences around the center were cleared away in February 2002, and it was redone for citizens' resting place where forest and ocean are in harmony. It is open all day and loved much by tourists and citizens.
Dalmaji Hill

Dalmaji(Moon Greeting) Hill is an uphill path of 8 kilometers long, and it is said that the path crossing to Songjeong Beach from Haeundae Beach makes a bend 15 times. There are galleries, mystery literature museum, driving course with a wide view of blue ocean and thick pine trees, and Haewoljeong at the peak of Hill.
Songjeong Beach

Songjeong Beach is popular among family visitors because of its gentle slope, soft white sand and shallow water. The beach is longer than Haeundae Beach by 400meters. Shadowed by the fame of Haeundae Beach, it has an intact, simple and quiet appearance. At the entrance to the Beach is a dense pine forest to serve to relaxing place for people.
Haedong Yonggung Temple

Unlike most of Korean temples located in the mountains, Haedong Yonggung Temple is an aquatic Buddhist's sanctum under which a rough dark blue sea of the Donghae (East Sea of Korea) rolls and surges. Magnificent scenery of the sea and the surrounding mountains, waves lapping against the cliff, wide view of the horizon, and enchanting scene of sunrise etc. have kept attracting people from all of the regions in Korea.
Gwangan Bridge

It is not only a function of bridge but also serves to one of tourist attractions in Busan, because of being in harmony with the surrounding tourist resources in the daytime and night view for romance and rest in the nighttime. At the upper floor of the Bridge, you can see a wide view of the sea, Orukdo, Mt. Hwangryeong, white beach, Dongbaek Island and Dalmaji Hill etc.
Shinsegae (New World) Department Store at Centum City

The largest department store in the East! It is a high-class shopping space created by a long history and tradition of having opened the first department store in Korea. It is one-stop complex cultural zone for shopping that is combined with culture and entertainment, such as spa land, ice rink, and movie theater etc.
Lotte Department Store at Centum City

A department store with ten stories above ground and two beneath ground level. Located within a new residential complex of Centum City, it is a high-class shopping cultural zone equipped with the highest level of facilities, such as prestige stores targeted to high-end customers and Lotte Cinema etc.
Home Plus at Centum City

It is a discount superstore with the largest parking capacity up to 13,000 vehicles, where you can enjoy doing one-stop shopping and taking lessons of diverse programs at its Cultural Center. And there are convenient facilities for visitors, such as Book Loving Room and Internet Room etc., and it provides an open cultural space for residents.
Jagalchi Seafood Market

The Jagalchi Market is Korea’s largest seafood market and represents Busan. The women who sell here are called ‘Jagalchi Ajumma’, ‘ajumma’ meaning middle-aged or married women. You can look around various kinds of fish and marine products.
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