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 Title      :    The 8th PPCS Meeting_Call for Paper(초록 모집 공고)
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Abstract guideline

Only MS Word is acceptable for submission

Written in English only

Use Arial font of 10 points

Double spaced on A4 size with 2.5 cm margins at the top, bottom, and both sides margin.

The limit in the abstract is 1,000 words

The abstract should include: Title, authors, institution, purpose, methods, results, conclusions

Please underline the name of the presenter

Please send us an e-mail for correspondence notice


Distribution of abstracts


Oral Presentation: Presentation 7min., Discussion Poster 3 min. (Total 10min.)

Discussion Poster: Presentation 3min., Discussion Poster 2 min. (Total 5min.)


9 Oral Presentations and 18 Discussion Posters are possible at this stage.

There is no limitation on Non-Discussion Papers.

So it will be distributed among each country as follow:


Korea:         Oral Presentation 2, Discussion Poster 4

Japan:         Oral Presentation 3, Discussion Poster 4

Taiwan:        Oral Presentation 3, Discussion Poster 4

China:          Oral Presentation 1, Discussion Poster 4


Abstract submission

E-mail to:

Professor Yong Tae Kim

KCS chair of the scientific committee



John Kim

Address: 4FL., Su Jung B/D, 590-9 Guui3-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul 143-831, Korea

Tel: +81-2-6959-1026

Fax: +81-2-444-6404



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